TORX/T-Star screws for WOOD

but 2 X 20 mm steel - not brass !
Do you know where I can get hold of 500 peaces for a reasenable price ?
TORX/T-Star would be best, but PoziDrive is acceptable,
(Sorry, I don't know the english term for this slice on tpo of the head of
the screw)
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KS but 2 X 20 mm steel - not brass !
UK Screws mainly use the imperial measurement system linked to head diameter and length.
No 4 x 3/4" will have a head about 4.5 mm in diameter and overall length of 19mm
Pozidrive head -
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any good? £1.14 per £200
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Bob Minchin
I think it will be difficult to get 20mm length with only 2mm diameter.
I have some No2. steel slotted woodscrews that are just over 2mm diameter although it is a bit difficult to measure as they are tapered. Screwsline have half inch (12.7mm) no 2 screws for £0.82 per 200 if that helps.
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Roger Woollett
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Roger Woollett

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