For sale: few jeweler's supplies

I have some misc. jewelry making tools and supplies I'd like to clean out,
since I only used some of it once and the rest not at all. I do not know the
proper names for some of the items, so I'll describe them as best I'm able
and you can email me questions. I have no fixed price in mind, since I have
no clue of these item's value - I'll take best offer by Jan 12. Buyer pays
shipping from 75042 (Dallas area, Texas)
2 wooden jeweler's hand vice - one screw down and one "wedge" type
1 jeweler's piercing saw, with 150 or so saw blades (Diamond brand, size
2 wood-handled burnishing tools (1 straight, 1 slightly curved)
2 sm "round" pliers (the jaws are round, not flat or serrated like normal
1 sm (cheap) plastic hand drill (no bits)
1 sm polished-brass head, wood handled, hammer, 3 oz head (?)
1 (5x45ply) buffing wheel
1 (3x35ply) buffing wheel
1 (3x35ply) polishing wheel
5oz (new,sealed) JSP black rouge (#rb5)
5oz (new,sealed) JSP white rouge (#rw5)
5oz (new,sealed) JSP Super Luster (#rw3)
.24oz Silver solder sheet "easy"
partial roll (< half) 20 gauge jewelry wire (unknown metal)
partial roll (< half) 24 gauge jewelry wire (same)
55 inches of 1mm sq Silver wire (*)
117 inches of 1mm sq Silver wire (*
1 roll 26 gauge florist "paddle" wire (cheap steel, for binding during
(*) measurement was done with a dressmaker's tape and might be +/- .5 inch,
diameter is "best guess" and might be slightly larger. Material is silver,
but not sure of purity - high enough that wire has tarnished.
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