Old Hendey Lathe for Sale

This old Hendy belongs to a friend of my brother and I'm posting it here for
him. I haven't seen the lathe myself and know nothing of it's condition.
Garrett Fulton
From: "Gary Walker"
> To: "AMCList"
> Subject: Historic Hendey metal lathe for sale
> Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 06:42:28 -0500
> Hi Everyone,
> I am in northeast Louisiana. I have a complete
> Hendy metal lathe
> that is over a hundred years old and in good shape.
> It has a bed of about
> nine feet and I would guess weighs around four
> thousand pounds. It has more
> than one chuck, etc. It needs to be moved ASAP and
> is sitting on my car
> trailer. It will go really (really) cheap to
> offset anyone's moving
> expenses. I want it to go to a good home. The
> Hendy company has a rich
> history as it built much machinery for the war
> efforts. It will be a
> wonderful piece when it is cleaned up and repainted.
> Patents back to 1892
> are on the brass plaques. I also found a lot of
> information on the company
> and a parts list for a 1902 model that is obviously
> a much later model.
> This lathe could be beneficial to someone in the AMC
> hobby.
> Your AMC Friend,
> Gary Walker 318-343-8044
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Garrett Fulton
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I'll give ya $100 if you deliver.. lg being a smartass again
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larry g

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