U clamps

It's a long time since I went and bought a sturdy U clamp. You know,
nice sturdy U bolt with a sliding thingy with the other U shape. I
suppose you can still get them at local DIY shops, like B & Q. I'm
after 2" (54mm?) and 2 3/8" (60mm). Larger one, I'm trying to
squeeze a bit of 2 3/8" steam pipe with walls 3/16" thick.End slotted
first of course.
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Try a commercial vehicle dealer for Volvo/Man/Scania, there aren't many cars with exhausts that big. It's an exhaust clamp you want by the sound of it.
Halfords used to carry larger sizes but they were pretty flimsy.
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Peter A Forbes
Try a local TV aerial erector - they use them to clamp to the poles they use
Andrew Mawson
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Andrew Mawson
In message , Richard writes
Could try your local fast-fit exhaust place. It worked for me!
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Mike Whittome
On 23/12/2003 "Richard" opined:-
Try a car exhaust company, or perhaps a commercial vehicle repairers. The ID size will not be much of a problem, but the wall thickness probably will be. I don't think a clamp of this type would make much of an impression with 3/16" wall thickness. Welding is the way to go..
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Harry Bloomfield
No, I need a clamp, because a scaffolding pole is going inside the steam pipe (I'm making an antenna mast) and I need to be able to rotate the scaffolding pole. When antenns is pointing in right direction, I'll tighten clamp. As I say, I will have to slot the end of the steam pipe about 2 or 3 inches.
But I wonder myself whether even two clamps will make much impression on the steam pipe. All I can do is give it a try I think. I think I'll manage to sqeeeze the pipe sufficiently though. Hopefully.
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Could you drill & tap the steam pipe at several points around the circumference and hold the scaf pole by tightening bolts against it -I would have thought 3/8 would be sufficient thickness to take about a 1/4 / M6 screw. For a really solid grip repeat the drilled holes about 6" further down the pipe (or however far the scaf pipe goes in).
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Kevin Steele
Slot the pipe and weld two big old nuts onto the sides of the split then put a nut and bolt thru for clamping. Far more robust than a skinny pressed steel 'U' clamp.
-- Regards,
John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
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John Stevenson
Ah, a real project ;-)
Is the turning force that great? Why not use a U bolt and disc / sleeve on the scaffold to stop the vertical movement and another U bolt on the steam pipe. The U bolts both being fastened to a plate. Neither the steam pipe or scaffold pipe need to be compressed.
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Brian Reay
Another thought would be to weld some nuts to the steam tube (having first drilled clearance holes) and use bolts to tighten up on the scaffold tube.
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Neil Ellwood
Best idea yet I think. What I can do is drill and tap steam pipe and scew in bolt that will hit upon scaffolding inside pipe thus locking scaffold pole.
Yea, that seems a better idea than my original one. Donb't know why I did not think of this at the start! :c)
Thanks all for your suggestions.
Merry Christmas!
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