Warco VMC milling machine (ajustment)

Hi What is the correct method to adjust backlash on the above machine. On the Y table it is about 15 thou but on the X its about 60 thou. Any nice person got a copy of the manual??


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There are two mechanisms that lead to backlash, endfloat in the screw which should be able to be adjusted out in the end bearings/hand wheel mounts and wear in the nut. On my VMC ( a Myford badged model circa 1988) the nuts have a slot cut perpendicular to the axis of travel, which can be pinched up with an adjustment screw in the nut. with 60 thou of backlash I hope most of the problem can be got rid of by adjusting the endfloat because otherwise that is a hell of a lot of wear in the nut. Check also that the screws holding the feedscrew nuts are tight.Access to these will required some dismantling but you should be able to see if they are loose by inspection. I have just found my manual and no mention is made about backlash or adjustment. it does have drawings and parts lists which I could scan for you. The Warco one might be more comprehensive however.

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