Regolatore brushless 60 A ancora imbustato

Vendo regolatore brushless Himodel 60A medi 80A di picco ancora imbustato a 50 euro spedito (con posta prioritaria).

Ecco le caratteristiche:

  • CURRENT: 60amp
  • SURGE: 80amp
  • weight 45 gr
  • size 5.2cm*2.8cm*1.3cm
  • High rate (10 KHz) switching (PWM)
  • 3 to 6 Li-poly cells.
  • Powerful direct-drive ability (High-torque drive ability).
  • Smooth Linearity of throttle.
  • Dynamic braking ensures prompt prop folding.
  • BEC (2.0A) provides power to receiver and servos
  • Over temperature protection.
  • User Programmable Features.
  • Low-voltage protection.
  • Cutoff can be programmed for motor stop or reduced power.
  • Brake Type selectable.
  • Throttle Range.
  • Timing Advance:4 to 10 degree, 10 to 20 degree, 20 to 30 degree
  • Safe "power on" arming program ensures motor will not accidentally turn on.
  • Low torque "soft start" prevents damage to fragile gearboxes.
  • Lost single protection: Auto shut down in 4 sec after signal is lost.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Change the rotation by programming
  • Motor Jam Protect
  • Over heat protection: ESC will cut-off when temperaturer is higher than 155 degree.
  • Over voltage protection.

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Aggiungo che lo tolgo soltanto perchè troppo grosso per il mio modello e quindi accetto anche in permuta (+ eventuale conguaglio) regolatore da 25 A (o 35A Align) in ottime condizioni.

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