list of outrunner manufacturers, kits too, >50

I added several new outrunner manufacturers to the list, notably
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, they now produce their own outrunners:
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vriendelijke groet ;-) Ron van Sommeren
near Nijmegen, the Netherlands
int. e-fly in & diy outrunner meeting, June 26th:
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Ron van Sommeren
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List is great, but most poeple here think propably that your post is SPAM :-( (I think fast PM or mail to any Polish here and you will have got at least title translated) How did you managed to find this grup (and other polish forums)? Very sorry to write it, but comparing to eg. RC Groups or RC Line you won't find much infos about motors and similar cases :( Ah... and first thing IMHO you should do is registration on forum which has really HUGE database about DIY motors. Good job, keep it up. I saw your posts on E Zone and person like you will increase level of discussions here.
Greetings Szymon
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Goedendag Szymon,
The RC flight communicaty is not that big, I just happened to stumble upon them. As for the newsgroups, I just did a search for groups with the words 'model' or 'hobby' in them
I do read (and refer other people to) the German and English contributions overthere. However, my Polish is a bit rusty nowadays ;-)
See you at Ezone.
Vriendelijke groeten ;-) Ron
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Ron van Sommeren
Szymon to juz bylo walkowane =)
And... Hey, hey, hey Ron =) Nice links as usual.
Best regrads,
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