Center of diffusion

could somebody explain me in clear words or give me some references
(internet, papers or books) or application examples about the concept of
"diffusion center" ? I am concretely interested in the field of
macromolecular hydrodynamics.
Thanks in advance.
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Yes, but there is not relevant or clear information between all those references (and in other words, I have no time to search between that rubbish) .
That is the reason why I wrote to these newsgroups, because I supposed I could obtain here clearer information.
Thanks anyway.
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This newsgroup, despite being focused on just polymers, and despite having some really knowledgeable people with decades of great experience, does have some blinds spots. You are seeing one such case right here, what with the long delays in getting an answer, and the easy-out Google suggestions. Most of the 119 hits are using the term "center of diffusion" in a non-technical sense as well making them useless to you.
That said, it appears that the center of diffusion is a point approximation for the diffusivity of a large molecule, in the same way that the center of mass is the point approximation for a 3D object. For spherical objects (including spherically shaped polymers), the center of diffusion will be the same as the center of mass. For nonspherical objects, they will differ, as certain parts of the macromolecule will be able to diffuse faster than other parts. The center of diffusion is a point that represents an "average" diffusion point for the molecule.
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