Flow 2000 software....

I am going to do profile die design. I am very new in die design
(only took two die design courses when I was in school). I am just
wondering if someone has experience with Flow 2000. I sure found some
good feedback about it. Because it is very expensive software, I
really hope I could get some suggest from you, before I recommend it
to my boss. We don't have many new products, so it may take very long
to get it pay back.....
Thank you
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Lily Liu
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I'm not sure what the cost is of the software you are considering but I do know that the cost of a poorly designed die can be enormous. Given both your personal and your company's inexperience in die design and manufacturing, you may just want to pay the cost of having a tooling company both design and make the die for you. This is especially true if as you indicate, having new dies made will be a relatively rare occurance. If your profile is especially complicated, I would recommend having a multi-plate profile die made up. This makes for easier and less expensive modifications if the die needs to be tweaked later to get the performance you desire from it.
Larry Effler
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Larry Effler

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