Liquid Crystal Polymers

I am looking for a source/sources for purchasing some liquid crystal
polymers. I have an old 1984 Corvette that the display has died. It
consist of 3 seperate displays that are two pieces of glass etched with
condictive patterns and sandwiched together with a small cavity that is/was
filled with liquid crystals. I would like to find some replacement for that
but would really like to use some of the newer 'sheet' form of liquid
crystal polymer. Either way, I have been unable to locate any
sources/specifications for the above. Can anyone in this group point me in
the right direction and/or give me some technical info that will help me in
my quest?
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C.J. Luke
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Liquid crystals are used but they are not polymers. You need to find someone that makes the whole unit or subunit. Frank
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Frank Logullo

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