I'm looking for an oil that I can add to PDMS polymer. The problem is that oils are mostly short chains and often exude... I would like this oil not to exude (perhaps this oil could participate to the co-vulcanisation or be strongly linked to the elastomer network). Do you have any oil to recommand me ? Thanks for your help, and by the way...happy Xmas and happy new year !


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Hi, Laetitia and everybody,

What is the property you want to change/problem to solve with the "oil"?

Coming from typical rubber thinking, an "oil" or plasticizer would decrease hardness and modulus and improve cold flexibility.

As PMDS - vulgo silicone rubber- is already a masterbatch of more or less "liquid" polysiloxanes and a filler, you can reach the first target by selecting a type with lower hardness, that means with higher siloxane share and less filler. Cold behaviour can not be influenced that way.

Special (poly-phenylmethylsiloxane) oils are afaik only used in PDMS, if you want it to exude (in an controlled way e.g. to support assembling)

HTH and have a good Christmas time


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Matthias Bertram

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