Does anyone have experience with Pentacene:

  1. from which company to purchase
  2. how to process
  3. interactions with solvents


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Ronald M. Meixner
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Decades ago I got some from Aldrich - see they still sell it. Tried to react it with 2,3-naphthalyne to make napthalene analog of triptycene. Did not get the product but only had small amount of precursor. Frank

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Frank Logullo

A second thought, since this is a polymer group, is make

2-amino,-3-carboxypentacene make the diazonium carboxylate and polymerize. I got ~98% yield of reaction of benzyne (benzenediazonium carboxylate precursor) with tetraphenylcyclopentadienone so there is potential for high polymer. Frank
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Frank Logullo

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