PET (polyetheentereftalaat)

where do they use PET and why PET, what are the characterizes? Why do they use PET and not another material?

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PET is food grade and can be made dimensionally stable (doesnt stretch) and hence is ideal for Coke (or other fizzy drink) bottles, and also support for phorographic film. Metallised PET is also excellent on permeability and thus good for dry-food packaging and balloons! Mylar is the best known brand - Google on that


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The choice of a polymer (or any other material) depends on the characteristics that are needed for the end use, and whether those properties can be acheived at an affordable price.

A key need for soda pop containers is that they keep the carbon dioxide in it, hence they are made out of both PET and aluminum. The PET is clear, which is nice for showing off the brominated vegetable oils in Mountain Dew.

A key need for recording tapes (both video and audio) is that the material not stretch much despite being very thin.

Cost of the material, and thereby the cost of the properties is always a concern. There are other polymers that can meet these requirements, but they are more expensive.

PET is used in hundreds of other applications such as fibers (used in both woven and nonwoven applications), labels, and all sorts of films, each with their own unique requirements that PET is best able to provide.


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