pH sensitive hydrogel

I need a biocompatible hydrogel with pH sensitivity, which can be uniformly coated to the metal (copper or any other). The polymer would be sandwitched between metal plates (with my electronic design). I want polymer to withstand 120 deg C (the temperature used for photoresist stripping in the final process flow).

So any suggestions for the polymer, its synthesis are needed. Also issues about applying it on metal and photolithography of the applied polymer to grow the other metal, would be helpful. I mean the possible chemicals for stripping that particular polymer; approx. temperature it can withstand without altering its properties; photoresist which can be used, etc ..

I have tried silanes as adhesion promoter for acrylic acid based hydrogel, which showed good result. But the polymer is really bothering me.

I could also BUY THE POLYMER DIRECTLY FROM ANY COMPANY, if you can tell me one.


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Sumit Suhag
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