Plasticizers effect on PC/ABS

Hi All,
I have a problem - maybe you can help me out.
My vendor overmoulds a PVC strain relief on a PU cable onto a PC/ABS switch,
has been using an unspecified PVC and now the PC/ABS appears to be weak
(breaks easy) and it gets worse over time . Unfortunately I havent been able
to get any inforrmation about the PVC. Can anybody tell me about the
potential damage the plasticizers can have on the PC/ABS.
Thanks in advance
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PC is infamous for enivronmental stress crazing from exposure to come solvents. That said, I wouldn't be surprised (though I don't know for sure) is the typical phthalate plasticizers used in flexible PVC formulations cause stress crazing in PC. Another possiblity is that the ABS phase is absorbing some of the plasticizer and becoming weaker as a result. If your vendor can't supply you with the information on the plasticizers used in his PVC formulation, contact a supplier of PC such as Bayer, GE, or Dow Chemical and ask about PC/ABS resistance to common phthalate plasticizers such as di-octyl phthalate (DOP), dinonyl phythalate (DINP) and didecyl phthatlate (DIDP).
Larry Effler
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Larry Effler

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