i'm working on polybutadiene coagulation system. emulsion polymerization. our current coagulation system used is sulfuric acid and neutralized using sodium hydroxide. the emusifier used is fatty acid(COONa) based. during the coagulation process, the emulsifier is washed away from the particle. (Na can dissolve in water)

currently i want to retain the emulsifier, by changing the coagulation system using magnesium sulfate so that the soap would be retain on the rubber particle.

has anyone come across any coagulation system whereby using magnesium sulfate ?

can i retain the emulsifier by changing the neutralization system into magnesium hydroxide ?

bye thank u

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Magnesium hydroxide is insoluble in water, but magnesium acetate as well as calcium acetate are soluble in water. Try adding an equal volume of 1-3% Mg or Ca acetate solution to the emulsion, or, better yet, the emulsion to acetate solution, while stirring rapidly.


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I would think the mag sulfate would function to insolublize the surfactant too. Why do you want to retain it and have you considered other emulsifiers? Frank

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