Stainless Steel Reactor

I'm looking for a small jacketed unit that would be 100 gallons or
less. I need to have stirring and a full vacuum capabilty. I want to
do some suspension polymerization for a little project in my spare
time. Prefer a source from company that may have units in storage or
discarded as I don't have much for purchase. Surplus dealers want a
vital organ for their stuff. Help appreciated. Also for shipping
ease, a US source.
Regards, Max
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Given the recent price increase in stainless - even appliances have been going up 10+% because of it - I would expect that you may have a hard time finding any kind of bargain.
John Aspen Research, -
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Small budget, eh? Go used;
Aaron Equipment;
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Stainless tanks from 1 to 20,000 gallons. I cannot recommend these gents enough. Reconditioned tanks and process equipment come out looking great, practically new. They've got a good, technically-minded staff on the phones, too. As far as cost goes, they're pretty good. They stay consistently around 60% of the cost of a new equivalent to whatever you are buying. I don't know if that still equates to a vital organ out of your budget. As John S. said, stainless is pricey, these days.
They're near Chicago, if that matters for your shipping concerns.
Regards, R. David Zopf Bomar Specialties Co.
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David Zopf

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