ST flat twin pics

I've been working away at the flat twin & this afternoon set it up in the
garden in the sunshine to see how it will look. I was quite pleased with it
& there are some pictures at
formatting link

No prizes for spotting that it is still in the mock up stage, the mag not
timed or bolted down & the tank secured with a blob of Blutac. Still, you
can get an idea of where I'm going with it.
Kim Siddorn.
May the Fourth Be With You.
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Kim Siddorn
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It looks very nice Kim. I suspect that vast amounts of elbow grease have been applied to that fuel tank!
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formatting link
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Yes, it does look good doesn't it. Both the tank and the mag suit admirably.
BTW. I shall be out of the office Friday and most of next week so should be able to find better things to do than sit in front of a PC!
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Nick H
Thank you, gentlemen, praise indeed ;o))
The tank came from a local engine jumble already polished, but I must admit to helping it a little! I rather like the battered appearance, suits the age of the device.
Likewise the EIC magneto. Although out of date by it's 1935 dateline, it certainly blends in with the early vintage appearance of the cylinders.
I'm not very good at tank brackets, but am determined to make up some tidy ones this time, ones that look like they belong to it. A nice lever tap, a coil of copper fuel pipe to add top the gleam of non-ferrous metal.
Now, a smoothly curved pair of exhaust pipes to complete it .........
I'm away until Tuesday morning now, we have a public show at the Wirral Country Park at Thurstanton. Have a pleasant holiday everyone.
Kim Siddorn. May the Fourth Be With You.
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Kim Siddorn
What about the other three.
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