A good set of Drill bits

Hi can anyone recommend some good drill bits for mainly stainless & steel please?

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Colin Jacobs
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Buy a decent set of high speed steel (HSS) twist drills. Don't worry about getting a set with a low friction titanium nitride (TiN) coating; you probably won't need it unless you're drilling a large number of holes, and a TiN coating doesn't guarantee that the drills themselves are of a good quality. In my experience Dormer, Presto and CK are good makes. You can buy Dormer sets from

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Follow the links on their home page: Drill Bits and Holesaws -> Drill Bits for Metal -> Twist Drills - Sets.

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Christopher Tidy

We just use Dormer jobber drills for 316 stainless, they key is to get the speed right , to fast and you will blunt them no matter what they are made from. A little cutting agent helps as well.

Regards bob

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