Flat twin sort of day

Must have been the biggest sodbury so far, we spent a good three hours there (a little too long for Helen's liking). Major purchases were a Norman T300 and one of those Enfield two-stroke flat twins, both at what I consider to be rather 'full' prices (£70 for Norman and £50 for Enfield). But the T300 was something I have been looking for for some time being a 1960's example built not a million miles from where I live and the Enfield looked like it promised good entertainment value. Minor purchases were a gas regulator and demand valve for when I finally get the Bathe up and running and a small dynamo which looked as though it had been cobbled together out of bits of a telephone magneto but was only £3 and has 'potential'.

On getting home Norman turned out to be worse than I first thought with an uncomfortable tightness about it and a broken head stud (why did I not notice that?). While the Enfield seems to be a good 'honest' engine.

Shame Chris C-W did not make it, saw a nice hit-and-miss Amanco walking out, HT conversion but looked otherwise in nice original condition, and large Bradford King-Of-All, must have been 4hp or so, with correct Hills of Bristol mag and original silencer.

Miss of the day? A nice early Stuart-Turner (type N?) the sort with the belt driven governor on the back of the carb. Probably would have been expensive but I didn't get the chance to find out, most likely sold before the gates opened.

Saw most of Northolt Historic engine club but only Kim + wild and Wolsely Scotsman from NG. Rear of Kim's Volvo was looking very low under the weight of a bl***y great Coventry Victor flat four, whatever are you going to do with that lump Kim?


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