What do you know about optical brighteners agents?

In the name of Allah. Dear Sir/Madam. After researching around the net,I foun Optical brighteners and UV stabilizers great to make high white products.I use paste E-PVC.Have anybody good information about These products? Exactly I used a optical brightener.Its initial colour was green. I used them in my compound and I got acceptable white products. After a few hours ( Around 10 hours) The colour of my product changed to green.I searched more about this products and I got some useful materials.If you use optical brighteners agents (OBAs) or fluoresent brighteners agents (FWAs) you would get high white colours which are not stable.Their white colours will decrease dramatically in five hours but they would got acceptable stablilty after around 40 hours. What is your suggestions. Any answer is welcome here. Best Wishes.

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You need only trace amounts of OBAs. Larger amounts can cause discoloration. You have to make some trial additions and view the results in daylight, not tungsten light or fluorescent.

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