Whats the uproar over the Bilderberg group about?

A bunch of rich pricks meet in a hotel and discuss things in secret
DUDES! if a group of people wanted to have a secret club to discuss the take
over of the world they wont publicise it and with modern day
telecommunicaiotns they would never have to meet in person.
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Pope Chain Smerker
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Well, yeah, but considering the average age of the oligarchy, most of the NWO'ers still think the horseless carriage is a passing fad, and can barely operate the button on an intercom. Quantum-encrypted global telepresence? They'd fuck up eventually. Probably by accidentally logging the thing trough MSN and inviting some deranged Texan religious scamster to their ultra-secret deliberations. And then blaming it on their secretary.
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Rev. Fwap
"It's like the Bilderbergs came to dinner with filthy birds their pussy all infected, I'm looking for milky words they pulled my third eye out and they let it dry out had to pawn my belief in Christ to find out what I look like with no skin the movement bated while the back of my paper is still illuminated even your doe, flipped Egyptian euro, got my website shut down by the Bureau can't kick it with the dead until my life stops but Bush got a Ouija to talk to Adam Weishaupt..."
...or so I have heard.
Om shanti
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Om shanti

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