3GB switch on WinXP

How do I tell that this is installed?

Is it as simple as "if windows recognizes the 3gb then it's installed" ?

Is there a way I can verify it by going into the environment variables and check the system variables for it?



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Go to Programs, Accessories, System tools, System Information. Look for Total Virtual Memory, it should say 2 or 3gb depending if the switch is actually on or not. With the 3gb switch enabled I usually get to about 2.8 gb before everything hoses up. Thats with 2gb of ram, I don't know if it makes any differece with the amount of ram that you have.

Mike Eckstein

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Michael Eckstein

I use WinXP pro 64bit. It can use 64 gigs (AFAIK). But I never reached 3 gigabytes.


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AFAIK there is also a limitation on TRUE 64-bit systems like SGI IRIX. I think there are problems when memory usage is getting close to or higher than 2Gb. Maybe that is a 'feature' PTC has added to make it 'better' and Windows compatible.

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Bjorn Ljungdahl

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