AMD 64 Bit processor

Any body running Pro/E Wildfire a AMD 64bit processor?

How does it compare to an Intel box?

Also, planning on buying an AMD 64Bit and installing XP 64 Bit for AMD "evaluation software" with Pro/E Wildfire, I need to go over the 2GB memory problem. Anyone tried this yet?

We have a Sun box with 1GB of Ram an it is too slow for the project.

Thank you

Robert Trepanier Sr. Mech Designer NRC

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Robert Trepanier
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I haven't tried a 64 yet, but would strongly recommend if you only want one machine, and want to do work with it instead of learn about configuring xp, go with a mainstream mid market 'everyone and his dog has one and the bugs have been worked out PTC certified' machine if it will do the job adequately.

I see NTSI sell 64 bit machines though, and they know the score, you probably wouldn't go far wrong with one of those if you *must* have the performance.

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John Wade

Is Pro/E compiled for 64-bit?

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Bruce Treffinger

Interesting bit of info about the 2Gb limit in XP from SW

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Basically, there is a not well known fix available from Microsoft to get up to 3 Gb in XP Pro.

Bruce Treff> Is Pro/E compiled for 64-bit?

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Chris Gosnell


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WE use Windows XP with the /3GB switch and ProE (xtop.exe) does get access to 3GB without problems. Remember, you also have to tweak XTOP.exe with the imagecfg.exe tool from PTC for it to work.

Good Luck!


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