Hardware suggestion for Pro-e WF 2.0?

Hi All, I am a Support Tech and was tasked to build a PC that runs Pro-E WF

2.0. I've gone to PTC and looked for the certified components without much luck. Can anyone point me to some resources (web/prnt) for the compatible MB, CPU, and graphic card? I need to get this PC working in a few day for the least $$$. Any help or suggestion is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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On PTC site, you can find the following informations

formatting link

Main Memory : 512 Mb Disk Space : 900 Mb CPU Speed : 1Ghz

But you may double these values, because you will have poor performances with this configuration.

This is some rules to never forget about it :

- Pro/ENGINEER always put objects opened in memory so with 512 Mb, you will not be able to open more than 512 Mb of Pro/ENGINEER files without swapping.

- AMD is not supported in 32bits. Only Pentiums processors are supported

- Check the list of certified graphic adapters (same document). Only this graphic boards are supported. Other boards may works, but it's not reliable to use a non supported graphic adapter

- To be fully certified and be sure to get a standard Pro/ENGINEER workstation, take a look at certified workstations.

- As it's explain on PTC sites :

Certified hardware PTC certifies complete configurations (processor, graphics, operating system, etc.) provided by PTC's enterprise platform partners. A certified configuration is one that PTC has thoroughly tested, specifically for the current release.

Supported hardware To provide our customers with the benefits available in the latest technology, PTC continually enhances and improves our software. A supported configuration is one that has been previously tested and certified for an earlier release. PTC expects that the current release will run without issue on this configuration, although it has not been specifically tested.

More info here :

formatting link
I hope this helps...

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Thank you very much for your time and advise. I've decided to go with the following system:

- Dual Xeon 3.0GHz CPU

- Intel E7525 board

- 2GB DDR2 memory

- 80GB SATA system drive & 200GB SATA application drive

- Quadro FX1400 128MB graphic card

- W-XP Pro

- The usual toys

That's should do the trick and keep Pro_E WF2 happy. What do you think?

Regards, Alan

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This sounds good. This match with systems requirements available on ptc web site and as far I know, this configuration should have good performances with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 and also 3.0.

Good Luck !

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supported >

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Yeah, I wondered about that too, but I assumed the reference was to 64 bit systems. But, in looking at the platform chart, that wouldn't be trued either. No Wintel processors are supported in 64 bit, only HP-UX 11 and SGI Irix64 and Sun Solaris 8, 9 & 10. Mind you, certified/supported platforms is a highly technical/legal definition and it doesn't mean it Pro/e won't run on something else including Intel or AMD 64 bit processors. It just means that PTC won't sell you a maintenance contract for that system and no "free" technical support. I guess they'd sell it to you by the minute on a 900 number? Anyway, that's how I read the Platform Support chart.

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