NVIDIA display software update released on October 06 2003

Dear support people,
I have done display driver update from "MS Windows Update Server" as it has
I have MS Windows 2000 Pro and Pro/e 2001 (2002270) installed in P4
Also I have nVidia Geforce4 Ti 4200 display card.
After update Proe has come ugly. Spinning zooming and panning is almost
impossible if I have 2 or more models open or drawing open.
Is there a way to restore the situation back or what I should do?
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Have you tried to install another graphics card driver (newer or older or the last 'good' one)? Also, if you change the config.pro entry 'graphics' to opengl or win_gdi (search the forum for more details), the performance may be better again.
petteri schrieb:
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I had a similar experience with my ATI card. It turned out that you have to completely uninstall the ATI driver before you update it. If you don't you get really bizaar artifacts in Proe but not any other applications. You should try uninstalling the video driver and re-installing. (BTW this is not as straightforward as it sounds. Consult your video card manufacturer or the MS knowledge base. To summarize the procedure ... remove the driver by changing your video card driver to a generic VGA and then install the new correct driver.)
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Hi there;
I have a very similar hardware and software setup to the previous individual and have been experiencing the very same problems when spinning models etc.
Prior to the problems occuring, I installed a number of windows updates from "MS Windows Update Server", one of which was the display drivers (should have left well alone!). Since then I have tried loading the driver directly from nvidia, but have not seen any improvement.
I echo the previous call for help!!!
Many thanks.
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I've experienced the same problem when I updated the driver from the Windows update site. I ended up uninstalling all drivers, and installing an older video driver from the Dell update site labeled as a PTC approved driver.
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Dave Parker
Got much display problem resolved (pat on back)! I picked up display driver revision 45.33 from the nvidia site and all seems well again. Thanks folks, Stephen.
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