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As for as indexing an .mnu, I believe that is in Auto-Cad. Pro-E's
menu is .pro. And when we add something to the config.pro don't we
just reload it to make the addition active?
When I see the HBB001 description of the library part I was just
loading a part from the library, as if I was going to edit it. I
checked to see if a description of the parts are in it's parameter but
it is empty. I understand I could rename each part in the family
table, but it just seems that in the past the correct description was
already there. I will be adding the pro_library_dir to my config.pro
today and I'll see what it gives me. I'll get back to you with my
To access this forum I must go thru Google so it takes longer for me
to see up dates after I submit my post.
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