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Hi, Pl. let me know how to change the family table values. Let me explain here my requirement: One simple rectangular part is created with 3 dimensions and 4 instances and created the drawing for the part.

One lay out created and declared to the part. The 3 dimensions are defined in the layout.

My requirment is all instanace's dims( all 3) are to be modified based on these 3 layout dimesions. Ex: instances:

1.prt - L=72.2, W=1.5, H =2.5 2.prt - L=16.8, W=1.5, H =2.5 3.prt - L=29.8, W=1.5, H =2.5 4.prt - L=29.8, W=2.5, H =2.5 Layout dims -L=72, W=30, H =17.5 ( these dims need to use min.20 parts

- catalog dims)

Pl. let me know any relations are pro-program can be used to modifiy the family table values.

Thanks sarvar

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What purpose does the layout serve? Seems like overkill for a part and one with only 3 dims. Is there some key piece of information that we are missing, such as, that you are doing some academic exercise? And what the exercise is? Would be nice to know since we don't get any layout questions here. Seems like no one uses layouts or notebooks anymore. This is generally underutilised top down functionality. What are you using it for, sarvar?

David Janes

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David Janes

Thanks for the reply. Here, I am trying to utlise the Layout for the Updation of my main assy as well as all drawings.

My Product is studio table consists of all sipmle parts like rectangular shapes and similar parts for verticals (legs) and horizontals. We will get the orders for various sizes from various customers.

We are trying to drive the entire assy with the Layout in which all the Catalog specifications will be included like Length, width, depth, finish, color etc.

Since it is a simple assy , would like to maintain very minimum databse.

Thanks Naveen

David Janes wrote:

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