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I once was near a successful IntraLink setup and one of the very good
ideas that they did was to send lead users and the administrator to the
administrator training so that they all would know the options for how
to set it up.
David Janes wrote:
Hi, All,
> I keep hearing about Intralink as a replacement for Pro/PDM with which I am
> acquainted. When PTC dropped PDM and wouldn't continue support for it, Caterpillar
> dropped PTC for data storage. So, I'm acquainted with UG iMAN but not Intralink.
> (Is this also referred to as iLink?) Anyway, I'm wondering if one of you could
> give a quicky tour of some things that pop up in this NG, like Common space, Work
> space and Vault, things that non-Intralink users might not be familiar with (this
> one, anyway). Why do they have all these different 'spaces', conceptually,
> practically? pitfalls? tips and tricks? Please realize, there is no separate
> Intralink or Mechanica NG, it's going to all be dealt with here, anyway. I'm just
> interested in a little presentation that gives some of the prelims, without having
> to listen to a PTC sales pitch.
> David Janes
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