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Thanks guys - Maybe I didn't actually pattern this..Maybe I just copied it over? Once you hit the independent/dependent switch that's the END of it??? I think I did say make them dependent.

I should copy the history tree or something, so I can explain what I've got. Since I'm doing NG stuff at home w/o Pro/E it makes it hard.

I tried to do what is suggested below I got a little farther. Part of my problem is that however I did this, the dimensions for the holes I pick on the copy show up over on the original spot I drew it. Oh... you said copy the holes... so is that like a third set??


John Wade wrote:

>So - wouldn't some sort of non-history based CAD tool make this a whole >>lot quicker??? Back in my independent Mechanica days I could pick what >>surface I want to move and just slide it over. OK - I know you're going >>to say that I should have picked how I did it more wisely!!? But I find >>that hard to do when you don't know how you are going to change it in >>the future. I'm using Pro/E Wildfire... anything coming to help me in > > WF2??? > >>-meld > > > The thing about patterns is they do create bunches of features which are all > the same. If you want to make them different, but from a common 'seed' you > want to be using 'copy' > > Delete the pattern. Ungroup the holes, and copy the ones you want to > move.You don't need to blow away loads of work, that should take 3-5 > minutes. tops. > > >
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