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Dear Friends,

At the outset, let me introduce MitoKen Software Pvt Ltd.

MitoKen Solutions Pvt Ltd, is a spin off from Motorola and funded by ICICI Venture Capital. We are into products and projects. Our products are related to (a) managing sales and (b) managing projects. For more information, pls visit

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The technologies are predominantly, J2EE with JBOSS and JDO technologies(programming in servelets, JSP,..). The culture is one of openness and I need people who are self-driven and who are problem-solvers. Remuneration is in two parts: monthly salary and project-completion bonus based on performance.Overall, the work and growth opportunity is high with long term commitment.

I would appreciate if you provide the following information :

Willing to relocate to Bangalore : Your current and expected salary: Earliest date you can join if selected :


Location:Bangalore Qualification: B.E/B.Tech/Any graduation/Diploma. Skill Set :CAD/CAM, AutoCAD, Unigraphics, Pro*C,ADAM Experience : 2+ yrs

Location:Bangalore Qualification: B.E/B.Tech/Any graduation/Diploma. Skill Set : CAD/CAM, AutoCAD, Unigraphics, Pro*C,ADAM Position: Project Leader Experience : 4-5 yrs

If you are open for the above specification please send your updated resume and related information to

Regards Tirumala .T Human Resource - Executive MitoKen Solutions Pvt Ltd. #37, 4th B Cross, V Block Koramangala Industrial Estate, Koramangala Bangalore 560 095 Ph: +91-80-2563-3721 Fax: +91-80-2563-3720 E-mail: web:

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JUST what we need...MORE high-end technology jobs moving across the big pond. As if there weren't already enough talented, dedicated professionals struggling to seek employment to support their families here in this country!

I'm guessing that, just like most major corporations, they'll transfer these talented individuals to India in order to educate them (locals) in the latest and greatest only to send them back AFTER their replacement is up to speed....

I'm sorry, I never get into the politics of things like this, but I'm absolutely tired of it. With the airfoil (turbine engine) industry suffering since 9/11, we've lost 60% of our workforce at my company (yes, I'm one of the lucky, remaining few) because the contractors continue to seek 'cheap' help. I use that word because they are obligated to use the engineering and tool shops with the lowest bids. Too often lately, that means sending this work to England, Poland and especially China.

I also use 'cheap', because in spite of their best efforts they, in fact, CANNOT compete with our quality and workmanship!! Not to mention the fact that the contractors seem to allow the foreign companies to cut corners that we are absolutely forbidden to do.

This will NOT stop until the major corporations are forced to keep the work here. I know, they'll cry that if they were forced to pay the salaries of a US-based work-force, they'd be forced out of business. Bologna!! This is possible in some cases, Timken in Akron, Oh. for instance. However, if that were true in all cases, then why do we continue to read about these OUTRAGEOUS bonuses that these corporations hand out to their upper management as if they weren't already the most overpaid people in the world. They are able to hand out these ballooned payments because they have pummelled the US work force by sending out the work to 'cheap' overseas labor.

Group, I could go on and on about this subject, but have probably already taken enough of your time. I felt that I simply had to make a statement here even at the risk of portraying myself on a 'soapbox' or offending the publisher of this post.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.... Da Crew!!

(p.s. I understand that since this group is available worldwide that it is possible that it wasn't even intended for US workers. However, it wasn't specific leaving that possibility wide open)

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