10ish channel programmable servo controller (with RC?)

I'm looking for a small servo controller that can run either 5 or 10 servos. I'd prefer something I can program, and also attach RC to.

I can build it if I have to, but I'm running out of time. If anyone can suggest something prebuilt within a decent price range I might just buy it.

Then again it's not THAT hard to make a PIC/AVR/ARM run servos....



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Buddy Smith
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The SSC32 might help, but its not exactly what you describe:

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- Daniel

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D Herring

Parallax has a couple of nice ones, too.=20 I have the USB version: =

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's the serial version: =
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one is about $40 . Depending on what you mean by "program" they offer their own PSC = software download, and RoboRealm supports them. That software runs on a = PC.

There is also the RoboWare software for the SSC II : =

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Also, the Oopic has a specific object for servo control. You might want = to check it out:
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Good luck ! JCD

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