Can you ID this motor?

I'm new to electronics and thought I was working with a DC motor. The reason I thought it was DC was becuase it was powered by a single AA battery. After reading the information at

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I'm thinking the motor I have is actually a stepper motor. So, I bought the motor in question at a hobby shop for 99 cents and looks similar to the motor pictured at this URL,
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What type of motor do you think this is? Thanks for the help!

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That motor looks like a regular DC motor. A stepper motor will have several leads - your motor only has 2.

Also, if it turns continuously when hooked up to the AA battery, you know it is not a stepper. A stepper motor needs some kind of driver electronics to sequence the coils in a particular order. ( I'm sure others on here will correct me if I am wrong ! )

Hope that helps !

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This particular motor is surplus out of an HP printer, and is worth more or less 99 cents. People throw these old printers away because a new printer is so cheap these days.

It is indeed a DC motor.

-- Gordon

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Gordon McComb

bah, its not even one of the good ones with the encoder on it (the digital servo motors)

and they didn't include the linear encoder :(


pogo wrote:

leads - your motor only has 2.

is not a stepper. A stepper motor needs

I'm sure others on here will correct me

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