CCD BW Cameras

I think a BW camera can be much faster
than other detection systems , if the
software is done right .
But its tricky getting a clear image
while its rotating . So if i rotate
in the opposite direction , they cancel
and the camera sees a steady image .
A stepper driven mirror , will at times
be moving exactly in the opposite
direction of the camera rotation ,
and maybe i'll get a high resolution
image for the ARM7 team to process .
Analog preprocessing can speed
up the decision making , and lessen
the load on the ARM mcu's .
Since its analog , i can diffenciate
and send it to comparators .
but the Vref will be only a small CAP,
charged by a PWM from the MCU !
This allows mcu to set the level on
the Vref , dynamically .
Say i want to find edges on a scan
line . The diff comp will switch low
when the edge comes .
This is all at 10's of microseconds
range ..
The camera can accurize any phase
lags in the path to the Vref .
Result is , if its nite , and you move
5 degrees to the right , it will know ,
And this is with camera movement .
Im doin lots of ARM stuff .
Ill be handing out a better "loader"
to flash into the top 8KB of ARM 7 mcu .
It will be a no excuse loader .
You will be able to boot , with just
dip switches and keypads .
No need to set up the higher level
stuff like USB , RS232 , EtherNet , SPI
In the 8KB , will be a code generator
that will create code in SRAM dictionary ,
so , if needed , it can actually rewrite
itself .
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