Mini Sumo Contest - Open - Ship-IN at UNI April 26th

Hi Guys,
We're on again for another year! Last year we had one Ship-In plus our
students. Our students showed them to be fairly tough competitors, and
now they've got big heads. About half a dozen are planning to come
back and win again. Please, this year, all you guys who thought about
entering should actually enter!
What better example of showing your robots have matured, than you send
them off to compete in a contest on their own, and then watch the Live
Webcast as they "duke it out" with other robots from across the
country (or the world?). Last year, we had over a hundred live viewers
including a dozen different countries looking on. The room is
beautiful, and the video production quite professional. So this really
has the potential of growing into a very significant robot event.
So get ready and send in those challengers. Remember, there's a cap on
how many competitors will be accepted (12) so enter as soon as you
Following below are details from the sponsor.
We have reserved the Great Reading Room in Seerley Hall for 8 am to
Noon, Thursday, April 26, for the "Second UNI Mini-Sumo Robotics
Challenge." [This was where we held the event last year.] Updating
what we sent out last year:
The 2007 Mini-Sumo Robotics Challenge--hosted by the University of
Northern Iowa Physics Department
1. The Second UNI Mini-Sumo Robotics Challenge will accept a maximum
of 12 robots from outside UNI for the April 26 event. Those wishing
to enter should e-mail Cliff Chancey at He will
validate their entry within 24 hours, or let them know that the
challengers have already been selected. Those selected will receive
shipping information.
2. There will be a $20 entry fee. Checks or money orders should be
made out to "UNI Physics Department" and included in the submission.
(Covers return postage, etc.)
3. The UNI Physics Dept. will return-mail each of the 12 challenger
robots to their owners using the packing materials that the robots
arrived with, where possible. The Department will make a good faith
effort to return all robots in operating condition but we cannot
guarantee this. We will use proper carriers (US Postal Service,
Fedex, or similar) but this is the extent of our promise. Challengers
must accept the normal risks of shipping sensitive equipment.
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