Robots is about software

Its much easier to do m.c.u./cpu

with ARM 144 pin .

But the adverts say you MUST get

a bloat I.D.E. and then C++ , to

write the software ....

Common sense and some hands on

will create a faster programming method .

I fell for SamBa , 20 mega bytes of bloat and it did not even work ! All it does is send a file to Flash and it refused my

ATMEL AT91SAM7S256 ! And its on the list !! Garbage !! -------------- I have a tiny 35KB , editor from Steve Hutchison , Sydney . QEDIT.EXE .

I'll create an assembler and "Flasher" for my many ARM7 cpu's .

But it will also do a list . i'll put the addresses and setups and comments in this "text" file , then process it with macros , then send it to ARM7 for testing . Its easier when you create it yourself .

Is there any one doin same ARM7 stuff here ?

BTW i got 10 Ninetendo DS Lites for Roboting , cause they have ARM7 and 9 and 2 color LCD's and a touch screen and a very hi quality Lit-ion battery and WiFi , 802.11b , but low powered , only good for 100 ft line of sight .

I also got BW CCD analog cameras i'll be putting mirrors on and spinning the mirrors . I'll need many ARM7's to analyse the scan lines .

Wow . Robotics is fun , especially if ya can do better than Honda , at 1/10 the cost .

Thats what im trying to do .

Anyone interested ?

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Do you actually read what you write? Are you on drugs, or is this more of just a stream of consciousness?

If you couldn't get SAM-BA to work, either your hardware is flawed or you are. SAM-BA works great, and has been proven countless times by countless people. I used to use it on my SAM7X boards, but I have since switched to using a AT91SAM-ICE.

Seek help. Immediately.


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This guy is a walking troll. I don't even know if there's a real people behind it or it is just an garbage generator bot... don't reply to him.

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we've all written a markov random text generator at some point. most of us never bothered to give it nntp post capability, though.


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e c kern

It is one of best chat bots

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hi can u send me seminar related with robots.......please

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