PLEASE HELP AGAIN: need to export informations about saved UCS

> I need to export the transformation
> > matrixes (a.k.a. the coordinates: origin and orientation) of some UCS to
> > a text file to elaborate them with MATLAB...does anybody know how to
> > export those informations?
> This will be list code 210 when you pick an object with
> (entget(car(entsel)))
> You get the direction with (cdr (assoc 210 (entget(car(entsel)))))
I'm sorry, but I couldn't understand ur answer, or maybe u've misunderstood
my question...
I'll try to explain it better with an example....
Imagine to create a new UCS on a face of a solid (command: UCS/new/face...)
and then to save it in the UCS's list (command: UCS/save...)... if U show
the list of the saved UCSs (command: UCS/?/*) every saved UCS is followed by
its origin and its spatial orientation (expressed by the cosins of the
angles formed by each of the 3 axys of the UCS and the axys of the WCS) = 12
values totally.
What I need to do is to write down to a text file those 12 values with a
LISP routine.
Any suggestion?
Thanks a lot
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Sorry ,but what you need is still a bit unclear, but the 3 points define a face being the UCS, reson you don't get the vector is that you can calculate this from the 3 points. But what about having the ucs defined as vector with Zaxis option. then you only need to store one point for each UCS . First storing the points defining the UCS make it easyer , ------- eh guess you know the standard way to write a line to file. P.C.
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HiHo; (getvar "ucsorg") (getvar "uscxdir") (getvar "ucsydir") This will give you all you need. Hope this helps.
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