UNI Mini-Sumo Ship-In's Invitational April 28th

Mini-Sumo Ship-In's at UNI! for the sixth year!
Shipping in your Mini-Sumo robot provides a real service to our
robotics students. Seeing the different designs and implementation of
the Ship-Ins is the spice in the cake for our students. Better trained
students then is a service to the robotics community.!
What better example of showing your robots have matured, than you send
them off to compete in a contest on their own, and then watch the Live
Webcast as they "duke it out" with other robots from our students and
this and other countries Ship-Ins. And if you've seen the previous
matches, you know we get some very careful and dilligent assistants to
prepare, place and operate your robots per your written instructions.
We've got a new web site you can see the past 5 years recordings on
if you wish.
formatting link

Here's a way to send your robot into combat, and have its appearance
documented for the foreseeable future! ("I'll make ya famous!") You
too can have your robot immortalized by entering it in this
So get ready and send in those challengers. Remember, there's a cap on
how many competitors will be accepted (12) so enter as soon as you
can. Details for shipping and entry form on the web site:
formatting link

Come on and Ship-In those Mini-Sumos!
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