Digital micro video camera

I'm looking for small (very small) digital camera, some thing like one used on mobile phones. Can some one would recommend any source of component and/or app. info about MICRO digital cameras?

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Like this perhaps? Wireless MicroCam?

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About the size of your thunb or smaller. Surprizingly good quality, RF link to rcvr.

Haven't tried the SmartMiniCam or binoculars.

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Randy M. Dumse

Ebay is usually a good source for these -- especially if you're looking for wireless -- there's a slew of cheap cams coming out of china these days. REGIS uses one of these for video. 99 cents -- plus around $28 for shipping, naturally. Still a good deal. Some of these cameras are no more than 1/2 inch square, although light response will vary. The "pinhole" cameras appear to be the worst if used indoors.

H> I'm looking for small (very small) digital camera, some thing like one used

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The Artist Formerly Known as K

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Bill Teasley

Compgeeks below often has some cams that are in the price range for hacking.

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Si Ballenger

If you're looking for digital phone cameras, then Dr. Robot has one:

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I have never ordered from them, but I've considered it. I haven't found another source for these cameras.

-- D. Jay Newman

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D. Jay Newman

Anyone know of higher-resolution units with autofocus and zoom, such as in typical consumer pocket cameras? I've found some high resolution FireWire cameras but they're huge and terribly expensive.

I want to mount a couple on pan-tilt heads on my robot - not for navigation, but for telepresence viewing.

Thank you.


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Kyler Laird

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