Dog Food Bag Handling Method

For most of us, the most economical way of buying dry dog food is in 50 (23 kg) pound bags. Unfortunately, many people, including many older people, can't lift such a weight. The Wal-Mart employees will help a customer to get the bag in to the vehicle, but then the person still has to get the dog food itself from the bag to the bowl, and dog food needs to be stored too.

Assuming the person is able enough to slide a 50 pound bag around a bit and can unload their own car to a cart or something.

Assuming zero outside human help.

What would be the best handling system to enable this person to use 50 pound (23 kg) bags of dog food to feet their dog? I'm interested in both procedural systems of how a simple weak person can maneuver a heavy bag and its contents. And I'm interested in mechanical, maybe even automated, systems that carry a bag, open it, store the contents, and portion out some of the contents at intervals.

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back up the car to matel garbage can, start scooping or pouring.

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This is the best advice I've heard so far in this thread. If you're buying the food from Wal Mart thats probably the best place for it.

(I'm sorry I couldn't resist)

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