More Excretable Energy News

To add to the recent interest in energy from animal excretements expressed here:

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Pooch Poo to Power San Francisco By Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News

Feb. 23, 2006 ? San Francisco is hoping to convert its dog dung into energy that may be able to power everything from an electricity-generating turbine to a home stove, according to Norcal Waste Systems Inc., which oversees garbage collection, recycling and disposal for San Francisco and several other Northern California cities.

"What's wonderful about dog manure is that it is very high in energy because of the rich diets we feed our pets," Brinton said. "We anticipate that it will yield as much energy as food scraps, which can produce $20 to $30 of energy per ton of waste."

As for the odor associated with dog doo, Brinton assures there is no need for nose plugs.


Perhaps we can now take excretement energy as a known, and not drop it into future postings as blockbuster news.

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