Kewl 4-legged walker

Link from slashdot: Boston Dynamics 4-legged walker; a little weird at first but very kewl..

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--Click on the video; it's rather incredible. Sooo when can we get the kit?? :-)

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Man that IS downright creepy at first - but like you said - VERY cool!

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On Bravo channel on Cable/dish on "Outrageous & Contagious Viral Videos" yesterday they showed a clip of a 4 legged internal combustion engine driven walker.

From the video it almost looked like they had two guys bent over at the waist with their torso stuffed into the body of this thing and it was really just them walking this thing.

You might be able to find the clip on the web with the right keywords.

Or you can watch the show and not end up with all the net scum on your machine.

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Don Taylor

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