Velleman 8055 vs Phidgets 8/8/8

Anyone saavy on both of these devices and can give a comparison? And an opinion? Then please feel free to express an opinion about price comparisons.

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Randall P. Hootman
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While I have no experience with the Phidgets board, looking at the docs and the price, it really looks interesting.

My experience with the K8055 is interesting, I found it for $29.90 at "You Do It Electronics," in Needham MA.

I was unable to get usb_bulk_read and usb_bulk_write to work on all platforms. I had to settle for the usb_interrupt calls. The K8055 uses an R/C circuit to take a 22KHZ PWM signal and make it an analog output. It has only two analog inputs and two analog outputs. It has 8 digital outputs, but only 5 digital inputs.

The 8055 also allows all the channels to bet set with one USB packet, this is useful because it will allow a fairly efficient transfer mechanism to be written.

If you are looking for a Linux library, check out

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have it in a CVS repository, and am integrating it into my sub-$500 robot project.

I would like to hear more about the Phidgets device.

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I only have experience with the Phidgets product, but it does what I want.

-- D. Jay Newman

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D. Jay Newman

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