HC11E2 (Botboard) getting started question

I just build a Botboard 2 (HC11E2) and I'm, having some problems programming
it. DL11.EXE only works half the time under windows 95 in a dos window
(full screen mode). It doesnt run in DOS mode.
1) After using it a couple of times it starts mysteriously telling me the
com port is not available. If I restart my machine, it starts working
again... for a few times... then fails again... and so on.
WTF? It's not a port problem, because when DL11.EXE tells me COM1: is not
available, I can run PCBUG11 and it works just fine.
2) Using LOADS in PCBUG or DL11.EXE to load my own test program into $F800
seems to load ok, but when I execute the program by resetting the HC11E2 or
using G $f800 in pcbug the program doesnt run. Instead, PCBUG just returns
to the prompt.
My (sbasic) test program is this:
include "regs11.lib"
print "In a loop"
I compile with the following:
sbasic test.bas /cf800 > test.asc
asmhc11 test.asc
I send (when it works) using "dl11 -i test.s19 -m e2 -c 1"
Any ideas here? I'm confused. I'm used to working with the A1. Am I missing
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Nevermind, I figured everything out except the constant problems with DL11.EXE. This program has some issues under my Win95 box. If it fails once (say I forget to reset the MPU) it fails every time after that too. Nothing will fix it again except restarting.
Any ideas? In the meantime I'm using PCBUG which takes me a little longer.
Thanks -tom
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