multile lego light sensors

I want to be able to use more then one lego light sensor on a rcx port. does
anybody no of any websites about his or could somebody tell mow to program
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I have seen kids stack a pair of them and get both to recognize light or dark, but they lose a lot of their sensitivity. Also, they both count as a single input when you do this. That's as much as you can do with it.
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Yeh...just extra clarification for u on this FLVIDEO...
If you connect 2 lego light sensors to the same input, they will work as normal however the inputs of the 2 sensors will be added together so it will not be possible to differentiate between sensor A and sensor B if they are connected to the same input.
For example, a light sensor is reading a value of 30 in ambient light conditions. If you connect 2 to the same port the reading will be 60.
You would be able to tell if light has increased on BOTH sensors or only one of the sensors, but you will not be able to tell which sensor is brighter. IE sensor A normal - 30...light - 35
This would mean if there is more light on both, the value will be 70. If there is only more light on A or B then it will be 65. However, this value of 65 will not tellu which is greater as they are connected to same input.
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You can purchase mutiplexors from third parties; I think
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has them. however, as far as I know they only work for "on/off" switches. So if you were to multiplex a few light sensors, you'd basically be getting on/off readings; I assume you'd just determine whether there was more or less light than a given threshold.
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Well you've to build some hardware, look here, column "Lego Sensors", items "The sensor Pagina" and " Switch Multiplexer"
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