hi-grip material on steel?


Hopefully someone has some insight here..

I'm trying to find a material with a high coefficient of friction on steel for a robot I'm building (for a competition). The robot has to lift balls off the ground..

The problem is, what's a good rubber to use? I know nothing about the various rubbers but thought someone on the newsgroup might have some insight on this..

One of my ideas was foam rubber (neoprene) but as it turns out even though it says rubber doesn't mean it's rubbery :-D.

So now I'm looking at natural gum rubber sheets (maybe 1/8" or 1/4" thick) to use as a belt to drag the balls up an incline into the robot. Does anyone know of a better grip material for steel? I would guess silicon has a good grip, though it's pricier than most other stuff. And then there's natural latex rubber...

Any suggestions you may have are much appreciated,

-Andrew Wilson

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Andrew Wilson
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Are the balls steel ?? what about an electro-magnet??

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[Zagan] Andrew,


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for info on the various types of rubber available.

Nitrile (aka BUNA-N) would probably work. This will depend, of course, on the amount of compression needed to hold the balls, and the force available in your robot.

// Jim

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