iRobot lost in Iraq

A robot from iRobots was "killed" in Iraq.

The story from CNN:

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Greg Teets Cincinnati OH USA

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Image Newbie
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Image Newbie writes on Mon, 12 Apr 2004:

The patriotic freedom fighters in Iraq have every right to resist the illegal American occupation of their country. Bush and his wealthy friends only want to steal the Arab oil. Bush simply does not care how many young American men are killed or maimed for life; he only wants to get richer at the expense of grieving American families. The Americans have absolutely no intention of creating democracy in Iraq, just as they did not create democracy in Kuwait in 1991 after the Gulf War. Bush and Company want to install a Quisling puppet regime in Iraq. If Bush gets elected in November of 2004, there will immediately be a return to the military draft, and thousands of Americans will be sent to kill more Iraqis and be killed or maimed in return. The U.S. Army is dishonoring its proud tradition by assisting the White House gangsters in the murderous theft of Iraqi oil. It is not honorable for the U.S. Marine Corps to perform a dishonorable mission in Iraq. The worst enemy of America is not Saddam Hussein. Bush himself is the enemy of America. A vote for Bush is a vote for reinstating the draft. A vote for Bush is a vote for murder. God save America from Bush.

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Arthur T. Murray
[political statement snipped]

Please Arthur -- it was bad enough when you were spamming c.a.p with mentifex. But posting off-topic political statements is way out of bound.

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Neil W Rickert

US politics is always a spam. It turns ordinary rain into acid and yellow like piss.

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When someone else has enough money and industry to build their own battlefield robots and UAVs. Right now everyone else mostly has whatever the Russians had ten or more years ago.

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Garrett Mace

Elitist crap..........that would seem to be the biggest problem.

Do they teach that the US beat the Germans in American schools. (ha, ha, ) And then they gave it back to them in good grace when they could of ruled them instead. (ha, oh stop, my sides hurt..!!)

Pick up a history book and stop watching war films.

Sorry, way off topic but that rattled me...... nuff said.

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Sorry, targetted wrong part of thread. Not aimed at you Garrett.

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What a bunch of crap. You have black helicopters flying around your house as well? (Though of course you have a true "man of the people" with John Kerry on the other side. No "wealthy friends" there, eh?)

BTW, it was AMERICAN money and effort that developed the "Arab oil." Those camel jockeys had neither the means nor the interest to do so. Don't you remember that it was only after American money and effort found something worthwhile that your precious Arabs reneged on the land leases they had agreed to and nationalized the oil fields?

You must be incredibly young and stoopid.

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Roger Blake

[political rant snipped]


1) Please don't multi-post. You already posted a copy of this exact same article to c.a.p. yesterday.

2) While it's refreshing to see you finally talk about something other than your dreadful "AI" project, the Iraq war is off-topic in the comp.* newsgroups. Take your political pontifications to the talk.* hierarchy and you'll find plenty of people who would be happy to continue the debate.

Follow-ups have been set accordingly.

Regards, Tristan

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Tristan Miller

Don't worry, I've been using the internet for almost ten years so it takes a lot to scare me...;-)

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Garrett Mace

Please enlighten us as to what happened after WWII?

Funny how Soviets got lots of territory and power, US paid for it all and got CRAP in return... McCarthy tried to warn the citizens about soviet spies, but we know what happened to him don't we..

As to what "they teach in school", reality is much different... US kids are taught, in US public schools that the US is evil (only when a Rep. is in the Whitehouse though), that the Chinese people are better off after the revolution, that the A-bomb was the worst event in history, that McCarthy was wrong (history has shown him to be SPOT ON!) and other Marxists, commie crap...

Ok, enough about that, this is bot talk.. sorry all, but I will not let PC hooey go unchallenged Thanks

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Yeah, American money .. you mean my money? Your money?

Or real American money, like BUSH money? Chenney money?

Money invested to get Arabs better or fatten fat American cats like the prez and vice families?

And you ARE a total moron!

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The Zapper


On what planet do you live? Did you get at least for a day out of US?

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The Zapper

Does a cruise missle that guides itself autonomously to a target using machine vision qualify as a robot?

Does a smart bomb that guides itself to a designated target using GPS and inertial navigation qualify as a robot?

Does a bullet that explodes at a given time or distance or proximity qualify as a robot?

Does a remotely guided miniature tank, like those on Robowars, except filled with a high explosives qualify as a robot?

Does a Predator pilotless aircraft guided by a remote control joystick, like on Robowars, qualify as a robot?

Does a heat seeking or radar guided missle qualify as a robot?

Does a missle guided by three trained pigeons qualify as a robot?

Personally I would say that some warfare has looked a lot like Robowars on ESPN for at least half a century. But I don't know exactly what other people think qualify as robots. But it seems like a fair question to ask in c.r.m.

Best Wishes

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Jeff Fox

I'm sorry if I have offended. Please enlighten me where I have made factual errors?


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Dan Scott

So you're saying, what, Germany won World War 2? I don't think that's true. I've been to Europe, and never saw even one Nazi flag. Saw plenty of US, UK, and French troops there prior to reunification, though.

In fact, I think it's pretty well documented that the Allies won, and subsequently paid lots of money to rebuild the Axis countries. (Except for the Soviets, who didn't seem to have much interest in putting money into their satellite states.)

(Hint: "The Man In The High Castle" is not a history book.)

To put it somewhat back on topic, how does iRobot manage to convince everybody that the Packbot is a robot? It has no autonomous capabilities whatsoever. It's not much more than a radio-controlled tank, although it is a fairly robust one.

-- Carl Burke

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Carl Burke

Funny, last I heard we were still in both. Germany is asking us to stay longer, even Japan is not trying to get us to leave.

Question: Do you think the USA should get out of the Mexican territories we are occupying? In case you didn't know that includes most of the USA west of the Louisiana Purchase.

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Bob Yates

No, I am pretty sure the "Allied Forces" one the WWII war too. USA being one of, and not 'THE' allied force. This was my point. It was a joint effort, which USA did not get involved in until quite late. Don't get me wrong, they probably turned the tide of the war and we should be grateful for that fact or we might all be under Nazi rule.

You (USA) did not win it, so you would not have the State of Germany as was previously mentioned. So would you say that the USA was entitled to all the oil in Iraq, or that the allied forces were entitled ?

The rest of your statement, I agree with.

Aut> >

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