image capture with c++ for windows?


trying to find code that describes how to grab an image from a parallell "webcam"... where can I find the code to do this?

I would prefer to code my own drivers for the camera in c++ if possible. my camera is "alaris weecam".

it would be ok to use the windows drivers, I guess. can anyone provide code to capture an image from this camera?

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You might get some ideas from the astronomy sites that have hacked the old parallel port connectix quickcams for use in telescopes. Do a google search on this.

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Si Ballenger

You probably could monitor the activity on the parallel port pins, but I'd think comparing the hardware differences between the quickcam (CCD) and the weecam (CMOS) and how they are connected to the parallel port pins would provide some insight. If one is lucky, Alaris may have been a copycat version of the connectix setup. The weecams are currently priced right for tinkering (below).

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I don't think the conectix quickcam protocol is relevant to whatever protocol is used by the alaris weecam. The hack was possible because the company gave the protocol details to those who wanted to write their own drivers.

Although it may be possible to monitor the i/o activity of a webcam to deduce its protocols. Is it?


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