Interfacing PIC micro and bluetooth

I am considering to replace my serial cable connection
between a PIC micro board and PC. I am wondering
that I could use a cheap serial-to-USB converter (one
of that used to connect serial devices to USB PC ports)
attached to the PIC serial in/out, then attach a USB-Bluetooth
dongle on the USB out of the converter.
On PC it would need only another USB-Bluetooth adapter.
PIC serial serial-to-USB USB-Bluetooth USB-Bluetooth PC
Can this scheme work?
Or the serial-to-Usb converter is not good to interface
directly to a PIC?
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Have you considered a serial-to-bluetooth adapter? I found one offered at
formatting link
that provides UART, SPI, and PIO for communications at rates from 1200 baud to 921.6 kbaud. This particular model also has a channel devoted to audio and PCM lines, could be useful for remote audio.
Also, for cheaper you can get ZigBee devices like this
formatting link
which would replace serial rather well. You'd have to develop a board for the PC side, but that should be trivial, not to mention you can keep the serial code instead of rewriting for bluetooth. Should you choose to go with the maxstream ZigBee modules, I'd recommend getting them from DigiKey or some other provider as maxstream is incredibly slow on delivery.
No affiliation to sparkfun or maxstream. I just don't want to see power consumption go through the roof with low bandwidth on the constraints of a USB-to-serial converter.
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Jacob Oursland
> PIC serial serial-to-USB USB-Bluetooth
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Randy M. Dumse
"gidesa" wrote in news:1153209216.598322.129370
Hi Gidesa (?),
I've used the SparkFun module; works very well. I have connected it to an AVR. Have a look on my site:
formatting link
Non ho scrito le pagine in Italiano! Ma se riesci legere Olandese puoi anche andare qui:
formatting link
Ciao, Steve
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Thanks! Grazie! :-) Legger=F2 le pagine in inglese, va bene lo stesso. Ciao
Steve ha scritto:
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