Low-cost ARM processor board with 4 (or more) UART


Do you know any low-cost, small size, commercially-off-the-shelf ARM processor board with four (or more) UART (preferably with Linux) ?


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Albert Goodwill
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Not quite what you asked for, but have you looked at BeagleBoard.org? Very nice fairly advanced ARM board small enough for many bot apps (USB).


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Jim Hicinbothom

If you can do without LINUX, you might look at the Cortex chips from STM or Luminary Micro. (NXP announced, but isn't shipping yet.) There are boards based on the STM32 available from Olimex, sparkfun, etc. I believe there are ports of freeRTOS and/or eCOS either available or being worked on.

Note: sparkfun appears to be out of stock; I just ordered another minimal board from futurelex.com "ET-STM32 Stamp Module" This lacks a JTAG connector (and I've never ordered from this Co. before), but the price ($25 is right for a little experimenting, and it has more flash and RAM. I guess I'll have to make do with serial download, for now. URL:

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Larry Pfeffer

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